Dr Ida Glaser

B.Sc., M. Phil. Theoretical Physics (London, Imperial), Ph.D. Theology (Durham), P.G.C.E. Physical Sciences (London, Institute of Education)


I am responsible for the ‘Reading the Bible in the Context of Islam’ research project and I oversee the International Partnership and the Langham Bible Commentaries from Muslim Contexts projects on behalf of the Solomon Academic Trust.

Previously I taught in the areas of Qur’an and Bible and History of Muslim-Christian Dialogue at the University of Edinburgh. My personal research interests focus on reading the Bible in the context of Islam. I am currently an Associate Staff member at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

I have taught physics in Islamic contexts and done church-based outreach in multi-racial, inner-city Britain. I have worked among people of other faiths for Crosslinks, the Anglican Mission Agency, and am a past director of Faith to Faith, a Christian consultancy about other faiths. My doctorate examined Genesis 1-11 in the context of parallel Qur’anic material and mission among Muslims. I have taught Muslim-Christian relations at the post-graduate level in Jamaica, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the UK.

Current projects

Encouraging authors for the new Routledge series on ‘Biblical Interpretation in Islamic Context’, of which I am series co-editor with Shabbir Akhtar.

Editing a commentary on Genesis 1-11 from Bangladesh.  This will be the first of a new Langham series of ‘Bible Commentaries from Muslim Contexts’, of which I am series co-editor with Martin Accad, of the Arab Baptists Theological Seminary, Beirut.

Writing a monograph for the Routledge  ‘Biblical Interpretation in Islamic Context’ series.  Working title: The People of God, the Presence of God and the Pain of God: hermeneutical keys from reading the Bible in Islamic context (London: Routledge, forthcoming).


Crowther, Danny, Shirin Shafaie, Ida Glaser & Shabbir Akhtar. 2017. Reading the Bible in Islamic Context: Qurʼanic conversations (New York: Routledge)

Thinking Biblically about Islam: Genesis, Transfiguration, Transformation (London: Langham, 2016) (With Hannah Kay)

Crusade Sermons, Francis of Assisi and Martin Luther:  what does it mean to ‘take up the cross’ in the context of Islam? (Oxford: Church Mission Society: Crowther Centre Monograph. no. 14, 2010).

Trauma, Migration and Mission: Biblical Reflections from a Traumatised Hebrew (Oxford: Church Mission Society: Crowther Centre Monograph, no. 2, 2008).

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Partners or Prisoners? Christians thinking about women and Islam (With Napoleon John, Carlisle: Paternoster, 1998).

Book contributions and edited works


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Academic and reference articles

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Other works

Numerous other articles on Islam and inter-faith relations for magazines and newspapers.