Our Collaboration Capabilities and Expertise

The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies develops its own research programmes and educational material but it also works with others to deepen thinking on the Muslim-Christian interface. Our academic staff take part in colloquia and consultations, bringing their research and practical experience of Muslim-Christian relations to bear on projects that seek to provide guidance or to explore assumptions about Muslim-Christian relations.

We participate in discussion and present research papers to contribute to thinking on relations between Muslims and Christians as they relate to challenges that affect humanity. Adding to the work of others on issues such as the environment, social media, violence, gender, social cohesion, and so forth, our contributions include:

  • Tearfund (2018): Training for Tearfund staff and partners in producing peace-making and conflict resolution material which can be used to train Christian and Muslim members of staff working in areas of conflict.

  • Educational partnerships: In addition to working with some Muslim colleges on the Summer School project, CMCS also ran a symposium on religious seminaries with the Institute of Education in London in 2016. We also provide teaching for various theological colleges in Oxford, the UK and internationally, such as the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut.

  • Religion Media Centre: seeks to help journalists report religion. Providing expertise on Muslim-Christian relations as an advisory service to journalists and others to help them to understand news stories related to religion.

  • Roundtable discussion on Indonesian expressions of Islam: a meeting between religious leaders in 2017, of Christian and Muslim academics and activists to explore different expressions of Islam in contrast to monolithic representations of Islam by sectarian movements.

  • Church of Scotland’s Mission and Discipleship Council: tasked with producing a report for the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 2014. This was published as ‘Appendix VI: Interfaith and Mission Report’ in the ‘Mission and Discipleship’ Report for the General Assembly of 2014.

International Collaboration

The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies brings together local and international perspectives to address global issues in terms of relations between Christians and Muslims. For instance, CMCS is working with Ghanaian counterparts to develop academic programmes for the first Centre for the Advanced Study of Islam and Christianity in Accra, Ghana. This initiative will bring West African knowledge and experience of relations between Christians and Muslims together with other international contexts to learn with and from each other. We are planning towards a conference on the theme of Shared Territory and Hospitality. The conference will bring scholars of Muslim and Christian faith together with those of other faith or none to discern sociological, historical and textual traditions that affect societies as a whole.

Dr Georgina Jardim, a Fellow on the CMCS Academic Team, is happy to answer your questions if you are considering an initiative similar to CMCS in your locale.

If you would like to collaborate with CMCS or to benefit from the expertise of CMCS staff, we look forward to hearing from you.

Collaboration case studies