Christians, Muslims and… Sectarianism

Christianity and Islam aspire to be unified religions, yet over the years they have fractured into an array of diverse, competing traditions and denominations. This Hikmah Guide helps you to understand how this diversity has come about.


Christians, Muslims and… War

War is a constant, tragic reality in our world. But what do the Christian and Muslim faith traditions have to say about it? This Hikmah guide explores the best and worst of war in both traditions.


Christians, Muslims and … Persecution

A look at the persecution of Christians and Muslims in the context of Christian-Muslim relations. This often controversial topic needs careful and sensitive handling on both sides whilst not downplaying the serious issues which have life-threatening impact on many people around the world.

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Christians, Muslims and … Islamophobia

Coming soon: Anti-Muslim hatred in the west is on the increase and Muslims must be protected from prejudice and discrimination. But what is the definition of Islamophobia? Not everyone agrees on the line between protecting Muslims from abuse and ensuring freedom of speech for those who might wish to criticise Islam.

In the meantime, check out the CMPL resources on Islamophobia.


Christians, Muslims and… God

Coming Soon: The question of whether Christians and Muslims are worshipping the same deity is central to the encounter between the two faith communities. This Hikmah Guide will explore this important question and help readers to think through the emotive issues.

In the meantime, check out our starter bibliography on God in Islam and Christianity.


Christians, Muslims and… Law

Coming Soon: This Hikmah Guide will map out the history of religion and law in both traditions and explore the important questions facing both Christians and Muslims in thinking about the law today.

In the meantime, check out what Christians and Muslims are saying about law in public life here.