Our Approach to Fundraising


Our approach to fundraising is systemic: every person in the organisation is aware of our funding needs and alerted to any potential new funding sources. We have some extremely loyal and supportive donors but, as for most charities, consistent and predictable funding is always a challenge. We are most appreciative of multi-year funding, which has worked well for CMCS over recent years.

If the vision and purpose of CMCS resonates with you or your organisation and you would like to talk to us about supporting our work, please contact Felice Nassar.


What We Have Achieved

At CMCS, we work hard to deliver a broad range of services and resources that support those involved or interested in Muslim-Christian dialogue. Around our 10-year anniversary in 2018, we are reflecting on the achievements and impact of the last decade and making wide-ranging plans for the next decade. 

In our first 10 years, we have:

  • Developed and grown a successful annual Summer School for leaders-in-training of both faiths with 60 attendees over the years;

  • Written or co-edited and published 3 books on different aspects of the Muslim-Christian interface, with 2 more nearing completion and others in process;

  • Written and published 35 book chapters or articles;

  • Produced 9 Research Briefings;

  • Mentored 16 students in guided reading;

  • Delivered 111 Research Seminars to audiences in Oxford;

  • Delivered 7 annual joint lectures in Oxford;

  • Taught, supervised or mentored 45 post-graduate students;

  • Produced 10 Public Lectures;

  • Delivered 2 networking workshops for teachers of Islam;

  • Trained many groups from different organisations, including Tearfund, Church of England Diocese and Church Mission Society;

  • Regularly provided a safe and welcoming space for Muslims and Christians to come together to learn about one another’s faith.

Priorities for the Future

In terms of future plans, our priorities include more projects that engage with the contemporary issues Christians and Muslims face in public life within the UK. New resources include Hikmah Study Guides, our accessible online guides to complex issues that affect Muslim-Christian relations, and resources for Christian Teachers of Islam, a network of teachers in theological and Bible colleges. 


Plans for future research include a project on Muslims and Christians sharing territory, and Educating Seminaries, a continuation of our project looking at the teaching of other faiths in British religious seminaries. 

Internationally, CMCS has received several expressions of interest to establish Muslim-Christian study centres from scholars who have engaged with us at our Centre in Oxford. Ranging from Ghana, South Korea, Kenya and South Africa, these scholars have been inspired to set up similar centres in their regions. We are planning an international conference – scheduled for 29 April - 3 May 2019 – that will bring together academics and other international partners to launch the first Centre for the Advanced Study of Christianity and Islam in West Africa. Thereafter, our plan is to assist other international partners to develop similar Muslim-Christian study centres in their regions.

If you would like help developing a similar study centre in your region, please contact Georgina Jardim.

Stories From Our Students