Dr John Chesworth

B.Ed. (Durham), B.A. (Trinity College, Bristol/CNAA), M.A., Ph.D. (Birmingham)

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I am the Research Officer for the Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History 1500-1900 project and my primary role is coordinating a team of 25 academics and liaising with the series publishers. We have published 12 volumes so far, with a similar number projected. 

Previously I worked in East Africa, lecturing in colleges in Tanzania and Kenya (1980-2006), establishing an M.A. programme on Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations at St Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya. Subsequently I was a Lecturer at CMCS from 2008-12, including supervision in Oxford, lecturing in Kenya and Nigeria. 

I am also Bishop’s Adviser for Interfaith Affairs, for the Bishop of Worcester and am involved with various interfaith networks and initiatives, such as Presence and Engagement network, Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (Procmura) and Journees d’Arras. 

Current projects

Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History 1500-1900

Edited books

Christian-Muslim Relations. A Bibliographical History 1500-1900, volumes 6-13, D. Thomas and J. Chesworth (eds) (Leiden: Brill, 2014 onwards) 
The Character of Christian-Muslim Encounter: Essays in Honour of David Thomas, D. Pratt, J. Hoover, J. Davies and J. Chesworth (eds) (Leiden: Brill, 2015) 

Sharī‘a in Africa Today: Reactions and Responses, J. Chesworth and F. Kogelmann (eds) (Leiden: Brill, 2013) 

Book contributions

‘Christians and Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa’, in D. Thomas (ed.), Routledge Handbook on Christian-Muslim Relations (Abingdon: Routledge, 2017) 393-401 

‘Reconquista in Reverse?’, in U. Winkler, L. Rodriguez Fernandez and O. Leirvik (eds), Contested Spaces, Common Ground (Leiden: Rodopi, 2017) 193-202 

‘Using the ‘other’: Morisco ‘borrowings from Christian authors’, in B. Franco, B. Pomara, M. Lomas and B. Ruiz (eds), Identidades cuestionados (Valencia: University of Valencia, 2016) 225-32 

‘The Qur’an in Swahili’, in C. Mauder, T. Wurtz and S. Zinsmeister (eds), Koran in Franken (Wurzburg: Ergon, 2016) 175-96 

‘The African Christian and Islamic da‘wa’, in L. Sanneh and J. Azumah (eds), Christian Responses to Islam in Africa, (London: Langham Partnership International, 2013) 219-49 

‘Kadhi’s Courts in Kenya: Reactions and Responses’, in A. Tayob and J. Wandera (eds), Constitutional Review in Kenya and Kadhis Courts, (Cape Town: University of Cape Town, 2011) 3-17 

‘Polemical Revival: Attacking the Other’s Texts’, Interreligious Hermeneutics in Pluralistic Europe: Between Texts and People, D. Cheetham, U. Winkler, O. Leirvik and J. Gruber (eds) (Amsterdam: Rodopi 2011) 355-77 

‘The Church and Islam: Vyama Vingi (Multipartyism) and the Ufungamano Talks’, In Religion and Politics in Kenya, Ed. B. Knighton, (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2009) 155-80 

‘Challenges to the next Christendom: Islam in Africa’, In Global Christianity: Contested Claims, F. Wijsen and R. Schreiter (eds) (Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi, 2007) 117-32 

‘Fundamentalism and Outreach Strategies in East Africa: Christian Evangelism and Muslim Da‘wa’, in: Muslim-Christian Encounters in Africa, Benjamin F. Soares (ed.) (Leiden: Brill, 2006) 159-86 

‘Approaches to teaching Islam in the Twenty First Century’, in Grant LeMarquand and Joseph D. Galgalo (eds.), Theological Education in Contemporary Africa (Eldoret: Zapf Chancery, 2004), pp. 181-210 

From the Cross to the Crescent, Procmura Occasional Paper 1.1, J. Mbillah and J. Chesworth (eds.) (Nairobi: Procmura, 2004) 

Dhimmī Status in Islam from an Historical Perspective with Implications for Present day Africa’, in J. Mbillah & J. Chesworth (eds.), From the Cross to the Crescent, Procmura Occasional Paper 1.1 (Nairobi: Procmura, 2004), pp. 64-85 

‘The Role of CMS in the Development of St. Paul’s’ with Richard Morgan, in E. Onyango (ed.),For God and Humanity: 100 Years of St. Paul’s United Theological College(Eldoret: Zapf Chancery, 2003), pp. 107-132

Contributions to Encylopaedias 

‘Japheth (Person)’ in Encyclopaedia of the Bible and its Reception, (Berlin: de Gruyter, 2016) 

‘Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya’ in Encyclopaedia of the Bible and its Reception, (Berlin: de Gruyter, 2016) 

‘Muslim reception of the Bible in Europe after 1500’ in Encyclopaedia of the Bible and its Reception, (Berlin: de Gruyter, 2013) 

‘Islam in Tanzania’, revised entry for Oxford Studies of Islam Online (2013) 

‘Ahmed Deedat (1919-2005) in Encyclopaedia of the Bible and its Reception, (Berlin: de Gruyter, 2011)

Journal articles

‘Anglicans and Islam in East Africa: The Diocese of Zanzibar and the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa (1923-1963)’, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (2014) 231-43 

‘Holy Scriptures and their Use by Christians and Muslims in East Africa’, Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies (April 2013:30) 82-95 

‘A study of selected Islamic Internet Sites in East Africa’, Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 1, No. 2, (2007) 253-262  
‘Muslims and Christians in East Africa since Independence: Shifting Fortunes and Perceptions’, Journal of African Christian Thought 7.2 (2004) 39-47 

Book Reviews

‘Evangelical Christians in the Muslim Sahel’ (Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2010) by Barbara M. Cooper Bulletin of the School of African and Oriental Studies  74, (2011), pp. 532-534. 

‘Jihād: From Qur’ān to bin Laden’ by Richard Bonney’ (New York: Macmillan, 2004);

‘No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam’ (London: Heinemann, 2005) by Reza Aslan;

The Search For Arab Democracy: Discourses and Counter-Discourses’ (New York: Columbia University Press, 2004)by Larbi Sadiki, in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Vol 17, No. 1 (2006), 119-120, 128-9 and 131-3. 

Islam and Politics in Kenya (London: Lynne Rienner Publishing, 2000) by Arye Oded

Church, State and Society in Kenya: From Mediation to Opposition (Abingdon: Routledge, 2002)byGalia Sabar, AICMAR Bulletin, 3, (2004), pp.60-65. 

Other works

PhD thesis ‘The Use of Scripture in Swahili Tracts by Muslims and Christians in East Africa’ 

On-Line Series Co-Editor with Dr. Franz Kogelmann, University of Bayreuth 
Muslim-Christian Relations in Africa and Muslims and Islam in Africa