Reading the Bible in the Context of Islam

Some Muslims read the Bible for various reasons, and some Christians read the Bible in Islamic contexts. This project seeks to provide explicit reflection on reading the Bible in an Islamic context.


Educating Seminaries

The project was commissioned to ascertain the quantity and quality of the courses taught at UK theological colleges pertaining to Islam.


Christian and Muslim Responses to Issues in Public Life

Christians and Muslims have distinct perspectives on our shared public life. This project seeks to outline the breadth of responses and ideas within the two faith communities.


Evaluating the Impact of Interfaith Initiatives

This project seeks to measure the impact of the inter-faith initiatives we've seen since 9/11. What impact do they have? Do they ‘work’?


Funding Our Research

Our research projects are central to the work we do at CMCS, as they inform our teaching and public education work. Research is often funded by large organisations, but - as with any academic institution - we sometimes struggle to fund all of the research we would like to carry out.

If you believe in bringing Muslims and Christians together to promote integrity and build understanding through teaching, research and public education, please consider making a donation to help us fund research at the Centre.