About the Project

Initial findings

Integrating Islam 2012 – a report on the teaching of Islam in Christian theological colleges in the British Isles. You can download an executive summary of the report . If you'd like a copy of the full report, please contact us.

Symposium on the Comparative Study of Religious Seminaries - jointly sponsored by CMCS and the institute of Education at University College London, this symposium brought together over 50 delegates to hear the latest research into religious seminaries and the training of faith leaders.

'Interfaith Engagement and Theological Education' , Ray Gaston & Kat Brealey, 2016 – a report for Presence & Engagement on the teaching of inter-faith in the Church of England’s Common Awards including a report by Dr Richard McCallum

Christian and Muslim faith leaders will inevitably encounter one another during their careers whether or not they are working in the Middle East or in rural Britain.

There are over 40 Christian seminaries and maybe over 20 Muslim colleges or madrassas preparing future faith leaders in the British Isles today.  They come from a wide range of denominations, traditions and perspectives from conservative and isolationist to progressive and open.  Some provide teaching about other faiths, whilst others either ignore them or teach about them very negatively.  It has never been more important to know what is being taught in religious seminaries and to encourage them to teach in positive constructive ways.

Following an initial 2012 report on the teaching of Islam in Christian theological colleges in the British Isles, this project seeks to broaden the scope and not only to explore the teaching of other faiths in religious seminaries – both Christian and Muslim – but also to equip and resource those institutions to do the best possible job of education.  This will involve reviewing curricula, surveying students, producing and cataloguing resources and developing a database of qualified faith teachers who will teach in one another’s colleges.

Christian Teachers of Islam (CTI)

CTI is a network coordinated by CMCS of Christian teachers who are teaching Islam to Christians in various contexts including universities, Bible colleges, schools, churches and training agencies.  It holds occasional workshops and curates a repository of resources contributed by teachers including PowerPoints, lesson plans, videos, bibliographies and more. 

If you would like to join the CTI network and access the resources, then please contact Richard at r.mccallum@cmcsoxford.org.uk.

Supporting the teaching of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations

CMCS staff offer teaching and support for modules on Islam and Christian-Muslim relations at various theological colleges, particularly in Oxford and at postgraduate level. They are also engaged in teaching in various contexts around the world including Nigeria and Lebanon.  Please contact office@cmcsoxford.org.uk to make enquiries.

Oxford Muslim-Christian Summer School

One particular initiative launched by CMCS in 2015 to encourage students training for faith leadership to learn about and encounter one another is the highly successful Oxford Muslim-Christian Summer School.


Dr Richard McCallum

Funding Our Research

Our research projects are central to the work we do at CMCS, as they inform our teaching and public education work. Research is often funded by large organisations, but - as with any academic institution - we sometimes struggle to fund all of the research we would like to carry out.

If you believe in bringing Muslims and Christians together to promote integrity and build understanding through teaching, research and public education, please consider making a donation to help us fund research at the Centre.