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Events during the opening years of the C21st have brought religion sharply back into public consciousness. There is a realisation that religion cannot be ignored and that people of faith are significant actors – for both ill and good. This has led to a plethora of new-style inter-faith initiatives. Rather than bringing together the progressive, liberal wings of different faiths, as much C20th dialogue did, these efforts seek to bring together committed conservative believers who represent much larger constituencies within their communities. The aim is a ‘robust dialogue’ which does not necessarily seek common ground and a lowest common denominator, but rather embraces difference, highlights opposing views and works toward mutual respect and understanding.

This research focuses on some of the new inter-faith initiatives which have sprung up over the last 10 to 20 years such as A Common Word between Us and You and Scriptural Reasoning.

In particular Dr Richard McCallum of CMCS worked with the University of Cambridge to evaluate the Scriptural Reasoning Summer School organised annually by the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme between 2011-2015.

The project aims to evaluate other inter-faith programmes in terms of:

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  • their content, leadership and participation.

  • the impact they have not only on the individual participants but also on the communities they return to.

  • the ongoing careers of their graduates.

  • how they affect the religious identity and faith commitment of individuals and communities.

This will enable us to produce resources and advise donors, event organisers and participants on how to design inter-faith encounters that have the maximum impact.

With so much at stake it is critical that we do this careful work of evaluation.

Project Director

Dr Richard McCallum

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