Reports on Media & Religion

Religious Literacy

  • Religion Media Centre – The Religion Media Centre has no editorial line nor does it promote any one religion, or religious belief in general. Instead, it exists to provide accurate, timely and relevant information to the media, enabling the public to be better informed and promoting decision-making based on fact, not prejudice or stereotypes.

  • Centre for Religious Literacy in Journalism (formerly Lapido Media) - Our goal is to advance religious literacy right across the media because a religiously literate media paints a richer and more accurate picture of life.  That's the kind of media the public can have genuine faith in. (NB No blogs or articles since March 2017)

  • Religious Literacy Project Harvard - Advances the public understanding of religion with special attention to power, peace, and conflict. “Religious literacy entails the ability to discern and analyze the fundamental intersections of religion and social/political/cultural life through multiple lenses”. The non-devotional study of religion asserts that religions are internally diverse, evolve and change over time, and are embedded in culture.

  • Overcoming Religious Illiteracy: A Cultural Studies Approach - article by Diane Moore, director of the Harvard project

  • What is Religious Literacy? – Q&A with Prof Adam Dinham, Faith & Public Policy and Director of the Faiths and Civil Society Unit, Goldsmiths, University of London

  • Improving Religious Literacy A Contribution to the Debate - All Party Parliamentary Group on Religious Education

Books about Media and Religion

Reports on Religious Freedom

  • Article 18: an Orphaned Right - A report of the All Party Parliamentary Group on International Religious Freedom - reports on restrictions on religious freedoms experienced by both Christians and Muslims - amongst others - around the world.