Muslim-Christian Relations Seen Through the Arts and the Media, Past and Present

Annual Joint Lectures 2011


Lecture 1: Between confrontation and collaboration: what can we learn about the history of Muslim-Christian relations through art and architecture?

Prof. James Allan, The Khalili Research Centre, University of Oxford

James is Keeper of Eastern Art at the Ashmolean Museum and a Fellow of St Cross College, Oxford University. He was appointed Assistant Keeper at the Ashmolean Museum in 1966, four years after the department was created, and was appointed Keeper in 1991.

He is also responsible for founding the M.Phil. in Islamic Art and Architecture at Oxford University. His research interests include Islamic metalwork, particularly the Persian steel industry and he has also published articles and books related to Islamic ceramics and glass.


Lecture 2: Media and Religious Understanding: the role of the media in Muslim-Christian Relations

Prof. Abeer al-Najjar: American University of Sharja, UAE

Abeer is assistant professor of media studies at the American University of Sharja. She specializes in international news, journalism in Arab countries, media and political conflict, online media, research methods in mass communication, introduction to mass communication studies, conflict and crisis communication. Her research interests are gender studies, media and political conflict, and international news media.

Al-Najjar worked for 10 years as a journalist, in both print and broadcast media, and earned her PhD from Edinburgh University in 2004.