Conversion, Conflict, Good Relations?: exploring an agenda for research into the implications of sharing territory

Dr Martin Whittingham
Academic Director, Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies

While Christians and Muslims sharing territory might seem a broad concept, it raises a number of sharp issues. Such sharing between different faith groups is an ever-growing reality of the contemporary world. It happens for a variety of reasons, but can it happen better, and what role does Christian or Muslim faith have to play in that?

The extent to which people can live with mutual respect, peace, and social stability while simultaneously having opportunities to express and explain their faith in authentic ways demands serious thought. Some of the areas for this sharing include neighbourhoods, inner cities, prisons, hospitals and schools. The issues which come into play when Christians and Muslims live alongside one another can involve theology, law, political thought, history, and sociology. Rather than a fully-fledged paper, the seminar will introduce issues, and invite discussion of them.