Interpreting the Qur'an on relations with other faiths

Jáchym Šenkyřík, PhD Candidate, Charles University, Prague

Paper presented by Jáchym Šenkyřík on Tuesday 20th November 2018 at CMCS Oxford.


How should we read, understand and interpret the Qur’an while appreciating its divine nature? What does the Qur’an as a Word of God say about interreligious and interfaith relations? These two questions form the aim of this talk. In the first part, it will address the issue of Qur'anic hermeneutics. It will try to formulate a method for an adequate process of interpretation of Qur'anic themes. On this basis, the second part of the talk will address the question of Qur'anic views on relations to other faiths, and to non-Muslims. It will try to establish, in discussion with the books of T. Izutsu and J. T. Lamptey, a framework for the Qur’anic view of the God–man relationship. Upon this framework the further study of Qur’anic views of relations with other faiths can be developed.