Teaching and learning in the Muslim background church of Algeria: Ontological and teleological considerations for a Christian minority

Pat Brittenden
DPhil Candidate, Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford

In the last decade there have been increased discussions and publications on the growth and influence of Islam in the West and the contributions of Muslims to life in the ‘market place’ of increasingly pluralistic, multi-cultural and secular ‘western’ societies.

However much less is known about the growth of predominantly Muslim-background churches in majority Muslim countries. Through the hermeneutical lens of ‘appropriate pedagogy’ this seminar explores the identity and purpose of the Algerian Church. It pays particular attention to the particularity and universality of both Christian and national identity in Algeria.

Teaching and learning in the Algerian Church is a window into the ontology and teleology of a marginal community. Whether this is a self-negating and destructive marginality or a self-affirming, liberating and therefore transformational marginality is discussed.