God in Islam and Christianity

Qur’anic starting points:

Surah 1

Surah 2:255

Surah 30: 11-19

Surah 112

It is advisable to read the commentary on these verses.

Muslim writings on God:

Falaturi, A., ‘How is human experience of God possible in spite of strict Islamic Monotheism?’ in Falaturi, A., Petuchowski, J.J. and Strolz, W. (eds) Three Ways to the One God, Burns and Oates, 1987, pp35-44.

Kader, A.A., ‘The Conception of God in Islam, Washington DC: The Islamic Centre, undated, excerpted in the World Religions Curriculum Development Center of Minneapolis’ The Islamic Tradition, Argos Communications, 1978, pp7-11.  Includes Al-Ghazzali’s famous ‘creed’.

Nasr, S.H., ‘God’, in S.H. Nasr (ed) Islamic Spirituality 1: Foundations, SCM, 1985, pp311-23. A helpful, well written overview.

Rahbar, D., God of Justice, E.J. Brill, 1960.  A PhD study on the character of God.
Sarwar, G., Islam – beliefs and teachings, Muslim Educational Trust, various editions, chapter 1.  A helpful starting point – basic beliefs written for Muslim secondary school children.

‘Academic’ writings on God in Islam:

Rippin, A., ‘God’, chapter 14 of Rippin, A. (ed), The Blackwell Companion to the Qur’an, Blackwell, 2006.  Brief overview of some of the key ways in which the Qur’an describes God.

Comparisons of Muslim and Christian views of God:

Chapman, C., Cross and Crescent, IVP, 2003 (3rd edition, I think).  Chapters 25 and 27 have brief but clear summaries of the key issues.

Glaser, I. ‘The concept of relationship as a key to the comparative understanding of Christianity and Islam’ , Themelios, vol 11 no 2, 1986, pp57-60,  http://www.medievalchurch.org.uk/pdf/islam_glaser.pdf

Imad Shehadeh, ‘Do Muslims and Christians Believe in the same God?’ in Bibliotheca Sacra, vol 161, 2004, pp14-26. A textual, linguistic, historical and theological analysis in response to the claim by some Christians that Allah was an Arabian moon god.  Ideas are developed in ‘The predicament of Islamic Monotheism’, Bib Sac, vol 161, 2004, pp142-62.

The ‘Same’ God?

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Two popular level books by non-Islamicists that take different stances:

Durie, M., Revelation?  Do we believe in the same God?  City Harvest, 2006.

George, T., Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?, Zondervan, 2002.


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