Islam and Muslim-Christian Relations in North Africa

The nature of the subject dictates that this bibliography is dominated by books about relations between Muslim Egyptians and Copts in Egypt, and French Catholics and Muslim Algerians in Algeria, as these are the only countries in North Africa where in modern times large numbers of Muslims and Christians have coexisted in the same territory. The only other places in this region are Spain and Sicily in the Middle Ages.

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[John Drummond Hay was British ambassador to Morocco for a period of about 50 years in the second half of the 19th century. This biography gives a vivid account of the difficulties besetting relations between Muslims and Christians in North Africa in the age of empire.]

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[A good introduction to the historical context of the modern church in North Africa. It contains a helpful bibliography of sources covering the hidden years.]

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[Previously entitled The Reproach of Islam. An attempt from a Christian perspective to compare the social impact of Christianity and Islam. Available online]

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[This book contains material about the Copts.]

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[Much of this book deals with the Eastern churches, but there is a section on the Coptic church.]

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[The author achieved a rare degree of identification with Arab culture during the age of empire. The appendix gives a brief account of the Copts in Egypt. Available online at:]

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[An example of how many North Africans see Muslim-Christian relations against the background of the reconquista. The thesis is available online at: ]

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[Again, this book has a section on the way the Coptic church has related to the Muslim state and compares the situation in Egypt to that in Lebanon.]

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[A biography of the Rev Dr Samuel Habib, an Egyptian Presbyterian minister who helped establish the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services.]

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[This book is set in the context of modern Morocco-Spanish relations.]

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[Raymond Lull was the first missionary to North Africa after the Muslim conquest.]