Undergraduate Tutoring

As an independent research organisation we don't offer complete degree courses to undergraduates. However, some of our staff are engaged by Oxford University to offer tutorials to their undergraduates as part of their formal degree studies.

We may also be able to travel further afield to teach undergraduates at neighbouring universities and colleges. Email us if you'd like to discuss undergraduate tutoring options.

Postgraduate Supervision

We provide supervision for postgraduate students wherever we have the knowledge and expertise to do so. This can be for Oxford University students or for students from elsewhere in the UK and other countries. Again, get in touch to discuss possibilities.

Study Consultations

One of our goals is to encourage scholars and students to look deeply into relationships, beliefs, practices and responses to one another at the Muslim-Christian interface. Our academic team offer a free study consultation to support your research and develop your thinking. Email us to arrange your study consultation.

Funding Our Tutoring and Supervision Work

The teaching work we offer to undergraduates and postgraduates is funded by their institution. For this we are enormously grateful.

Guided reading courses and study consultations are heavily subsidised by the Centre and therefore require funding from other sources to enable us to offer these vital services to Muslim and Christian faith leaders.

If you believe in bringing Muslims and Christians together to promote integrity and build understanding through teaching, research and public education, please consider making a donation to our Centre.


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