• Refreshments for a seminar or event: £10

  • A book for the CMCS library: £25-£75

  • New shelving for our library: £150

  • Paying for the Summer School students’ trip to the Bodleian Library to look at ancient copies of the Qur’an and New Testament: £200

  • A new laptop for the centre: £350

  • The publication of one edition of the Research Briefings: £400

  • A months Guided Reading for a student: £500

  • Sponsoring a student to attend the Oxford Muslim-Christian Summer School: £1,000
    [It costs CMCS around £1,200 per student to put on the Summer School, which covers accommodation, catering, teaching, visits, materials and staff costs. Students are heavily subsidised and contribute £200 towards this. CMCS then needs to raise the funds to cover the remaining £1,000 per student.]

  • Supporting the online publication of CMCS Research Briefings with an internationally renowned publisher, De Gruyter Open, to disseminate our research to a vastly wider audience: £1,000 per annum.

If you would like to discuss other ways in which you could support the work of CMCS, please contact Felice Nassar on Tel: +44 (0)1865 613446 or

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