Jáchym Šenkyřík visited CMCS during the Autumn Term of 2018

Jáchym Šenkyřík  visited CMCS during the Autumn Term of 2018

My individual tutorials with Dr Martin Whittingham were tailored to my study needs. But in addition to my consultations and my reading, I have also benefited from talking with other members of the Centre, from their interest in my studies, and from the many events happening in the Centre

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The Revd Dr Liz Hoare worked with CMCS to arrange an Islamic immersion experience for ordinands at Wycliffe Hall

The Revd Dr Liz Hoare worked with CMCS to arrange an Islamic immersion experience for ordinands at Wycliffe Hall

In her capacity as a tutor at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, Liz was looking for somewhere that could offer both academic and practical ways for ordinands to immerse themselves in the Islamic faith. Wycliffe's partnership with CMCS has allowed them to broaden and enrich their offering.

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As a Ph.D. Middle Eastern Christian student, my time at the Centre was inspiring and transforming. I actually had the opportunity to meet with some profound scholars and to ask all sort of questions on what it means to read the Bible in the context of Islam, particularly the Old Testament. The discussions that I had with those scholars challenged but inspired and transformed the way in which I am thinking of reading the Bible in my own Middle Eastern/ Islamic context.

- Emad Botros, Research Support Student, McMaster Divinity College

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The Qur’an commands Muslims to be faithful witnesses to God, in the cause of truth, in the pursuit of single standards of justice. Muslims must speak the truth about others, even if they see them as rivals for the hand of grace. This is the example set by the Prophet Muhammad and, before him, by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I am, therefore, pleased to work closely with Christian scholars at CMCS.

- Dr Shabbir Akhtar, Research Fellow

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There will be no transformation of relationships without transformation of people and of their thinking. I want to see God transforming the minds of Christian people so that we can resist the worl'd’s power agendas, speak the truth, and be faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ in our interactions with Muslims.

- Dr Ida Glaser, Founding Fellow

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Being a member of the inter-faith community at the Centre has transformed the way in which I view other religions, especially Christianity, but also has advanced my understanding of my own religion in new ways. From the very first day I came to CMCS to seek advice on my postdoctoral proposal from the Centre’s Director, I was welcomed warmly and assisted most generously by everyone.

- Dr Shirin Shafaie

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CMCS offers an oasis of hospitality for Christians engaging with Muslims, to develop teaching opportunities, share research outcomes and deepen relationships. Its commitment to inter-faith encounter, grounded in biblical teaching is refreshing, equipping churches to draw alongside Muslim neighbours, without resorting to compromise or aggression.

- Sarah Snyder, Cambridge Interfaith Programme, Director of the Centre of Reconciliation at Rose Castle, Cumbria

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Throughout the course of history, Muslims and Christians have been encountering one another. This has sometimes been a negative and, at other times, a positive experience. The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies offers both academic rigour and a firm commitment to biblical truth in promoting the study of this long history of Muslim-Christian relations. I am glad, as well as thankful, in being able to commend its work to all those who desire a greater knowledge of one of the most pressing concerns of our times.

- Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, President, OXTRAD

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When I came to study at CMCS, ISIS was beginning to take territory in Syria. So many atrocities accompanied their reign of terror. That added a layer of intensity to my thought. During that time, Christians heard daily news that put Islam in the most negative light. In my own country and my own congregation, emotions were running high. The controversy about Islam was escalating. I was so thankful for the opportunity to learn more about Islam at that time.

- Guy Gray, Guided Reading student

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Through the generous financial and academic support of CMCS, I have benefited tremendously both in my DPhil research and in my understanding of Islamic studies more generally. The academic staff have helped to create a safe yet rigorous environment in which I could explore and flourish as a junior scholar. I wholeheartedly recommend CMCS.

- Dr Richard Park, Assistant Professor of Theology & Ethics at Vanguard University

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