Dr Mohamed Mesbahi of the Islamic College collaborates with CMCS to deliver its Summer School

Director of Education at the Islamic College in London, Mohamed has been working with CMCS since 2015. He teaches at the Oxford Muslim-Christian Summer School and — through links with the Centre — has extended his Abrahamic Faith module to include direct contact between Muslims and Christians. Here he summarises the impact of working with CMCS.

I first heard about the centre when I met Dr Richard McCallum a conference we were both attending. We discussed each other's work and the idea of a Summer School led to my visit to CMCS in Oxford.

We had been in touch with a few Christian colleges before and found these links useful and beneficial, particularly in developing a module that we deliver at Islamic College on Abrahamic Faith. But the work at CMCS is unique and we decided to extend our approach to the module further by working together to involve direct contact between Muslim and Christian students.

I believe that life is a learning process and every time I visit CMCS I learn new things. During the Summer School program we have sessions in which we explore topics by reading the actual holy texts. These are very special times because one appreciates aspects that one has never focused on before.

Every visit to CMCS and the people who work there reminds me that we are part of a larger community of friends.

Ultimately, the work of CMCS has led me to the realisation that what I have done is not enough. There are so many other things that I need to do, that I have not even yet contemplated. The activities of the centre allow one to appreciate the presence of a box, and try to think outside the box.