The Revd Dr Liz Hoare worked with CMCS to arrange an Islamic immersion experience for ordinands at Wycliffe Hall

In her capacity as a tutor at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, Liz was looking for somewhere that could offer both academic and practical ways for ordinands to immerse themselves in the Islamic faith. Wycliffe's partnership with CMCS has allowed them to broaden and enrich their offering.


We knew we needed more than just classroom teaching. Our students needed hands-on experience of Islam and Muslims. CMCS had the kind of resources that ordinands training for Anglican ministry could learn from before going out into parishes, so I asked Ida to help us to put together a week of intensive immersion in the Islamic faith.

The benefits are manyfold. Students here to get to know Muslims rather than just hearing about them from others. They have been able to listen to Muslim scholars in the classroom, make visits and engage in Christian-Muslim dialogue in a way that has been educationally enriching. The establishment of the Oxford Muslim-Christian Summer School has been another way that our students can engage.

Wycliffe has learned of the value of partnership with organisations like CMCS which broadens and enriches what we have to offer students training for Christian ministry. Students have been challenged but also inspired by the experience. One student thought the summer school was the best thing he did during his training.

There is an integrity about the staff who have worked with us. Their desire to foster good relations with those they work with and to provide top quality training is one of the main reasons the weeks have been so successful. Having worked with two staff members now I have found them totally committed to what they do and sensitive to the needs of those who are learning. There is excellent preparation for the weeks and also follow up for them. Ample reading is provided  with guidance on what to look for.

I would certainly recommend CMCS to others.