Businesses and for-profit organisations

  • £500-£1,000/day* plus expenses

  • £350-£750/half day* plus expenses

  • £65-£125/hour* plus expenses

Public sector and educational institutions

  • £400-£500/day* plus expenses

  • £250-£350/half day* plus expenses

  • £65-£80/hour* plus expenses

Non-profits (including churches and charities)

  • £300/day, plus expenses

  • £175/half day, plus expenses

  • £50/hour, plus expenses

* Depending on whether the training is bespoke and the number of trainers involved

Refreshments and/or lunch can be provided if ordered in advance. The rate is £1.75 per person for Refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits) and £6 per person for lunch (selection of sandwiches, cake, biscuits, fruit).

Guided reading

  • £125/week for Research Support and Sabbatical Study (full use of CMCS resources, tutorials charged separately)

Private Tutorials

  • £30/hour

Supporting Letters for Visa Applications

  • $75 (US Dollars) inclusive of postage and expenses.